Jan 29

The League of Liberty

  “Heroes for Hire”, a Christian group who works with children, were proud to pose with Delegate Larry D. Kump!

Jan 17

Pumphandle, West Virginia News

It’s a slow day in the small village of Pumphandle, West Virginia. Times are tough. The streets are deserted. Everyone is in debt, and most of the local folks are living on credit. A tourist visiting the area drives through town, stops at the motel, and lays a $100 bill on the desk. He tells …

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“Do You Own Your Own Blood?”

Photo: Delegate Kump has introduced legislation (HB 4223, Judiciary Committee) to protect your 4th Amendment Rights in WV.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>In 2013 the West Virginia State Legislature passed legislation that allows a police officer to force you to submit to a blood test without a warrant.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>Or give up your driver's license for at least 45 days!</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>This law was already judged un Constitutional in Missouri, and is a clear violation of your 4th Amendment Protection of your "person, papers and possessions" </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>For if your blood is not your property, what is?
Delegate Kump has introduced legislation(HB 4223, Judiciary Committee) to protect your 4th Amendment Rights in WV. In 2013 the West Virginia State Legislature passed legislation that allows a police officer to force you to submit to a blood test without a warrant.Or …give up your driver’s license for at least 45 days!This law was already judged un Constitutional in Missouri, and is a clear violation of your 4th Amendment Protection of your “person, papers and possessions”For if your blood is not your property, what is?

Dec 10

About the West Virginia House of Delegates District #59 & the West Virginia Legislature

About West Virginia House of Delegates District #59 & the West Virginia  Legislature West Virginia House of Delegates District #59 includes precincts # 39, 40, 42, 44, 45, 46, 48, 52, and 55 in Berkeley County and precincts # 21, 23, 24, and 25 in Morgan County. Visit WV Secretary of State for more information …

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Nov 10

Working Together (with a Puppy) to Stay Independent

“Facing a declared Primary election opponent, I nevertheless have been persuaded to be a candidate for re-election as a Delegate in the West Virginia Legislature in 2014. This decision was made because of my firm conviction and personal passion to continue to be an independent voice on behalf of our personal liberties and responsibilities. Especially …

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Oct 10

A Straight Shooter

State Delegate Larry  D. Kump is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and has sponsored the West Virginia Firearms Freedom Act, supports Constitutional Carry (means the 2nd Amendment is your carry permit) and will always fight to preserve your right to keep and bear arms.

Aug 10

Summer in the State House

Nov 01

The Voice of “Reason”

“Individualist in the Oddest Place” by John Dentinger (a free lance writer in Los Angeles) Condensed from “Reason” magazine, “Spotlight”, November 1986 When he recently took up genealogy, Larry D. Kump was thrilled to find that he is a kinsman of Patrick Henry. The last place you’d expect to find Henry’s literal or spiritual descendent …

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Apr 11

Farmers, Hospitals, Business & Industry Agree!

The West Virginia Farm Bureau Political Education and Political Action Committee (WV FARM PAC) , the West Virginia Hospital Political Action Committee (HOSPAC), and the West Virginia Business & Industry Council  (WVBIC) all  have endorsed the candidacy of Delegate Larry D. Kump (District #59, Berkeley-Morgan Counties) in the West Virginia May 2014 Primary election.  Farm Bureau President Charles Wilfong has notified …

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Apr 10

Update on Berkeley County Council on Property Rights Testimony

April 10th Update: The Berkeley County received my testimony and individual councilors indicated support of my concerns. This issue is ongoing and will require determination and peristence. A grateful thank you goes out to those good citizens who came and spoke at the meeting. – Delegate Kump    The Berkeley Council has agreed to the request from …

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Apr 03

Legislative Review Proposed on Property Rights

The West Virginia Legislature did not resolve ongoing residential property rights conflicts and hardships during this session (HB 4007), but the issue continues to be a matter of concern and review. To that end, I have drafted and submitted House Concurrent Resolution # 133. This resolution requests that a post legislative session interim review by the …

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Mar 25

The Pander Problem

The following unsolicited testimonial recently was written by Dorothy F. Keys:   Have you ever noticed that, when the subject of politicians comes up, people immediately voice negative thoughts?   It may be that many seek political office for all the wrong reasons–power, prestige, personal agendas, etc. And when the less-than-sincere politician is exposed, we are quick to …

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Mar 21

West Virginia Gun Rights Endorsement

Dear Friends, It’s not often that the National Association for Gun Rights praises politicians for their actions. The truth is, many supposedly “pro-gun” politicians want to wave the white flag and just accept President Obama’s anti-gun agenda. But in West Virginia, thanks to your phone calls and emails, 6 Delegates took a firm stand for …

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Mar 20

Positive Logic vs. Chaos

A letter to the editor, as published by the “Journal” newspaper in Martinsburg, West Virginia: by David L. Woods Hedgesville, West Virginia I’ve long wondered how one qualifies to endorse any political candidate. Yet if one has visited all 50 states (while living in a scattered dozen), before settling for two decades in West Virginia, …

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Mar 19

The “Widow’s Mite”

During the recently concluded 2014 session of the West Virginia State Legislature, I joined seventy-four other Delegates in sponsoring various and sundry legislative proposals on a number of issues. This session, in particular, was one of conscientious concern about our individual and collective Mountaineer well-being, that occasionally even careened into contentious calumny. The principles of …

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Mar 14

The Right Stuff

Thanks Jodie. It really is a sacrifice, as well as a privilege, to serve. I worry most about just doing what’s right. Larry —–Original Message—– Dear Larry, …I think you found your true calling. Imagine – an honest politician! Jodie

Mar 14

Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole

Lewis Carrol would not have been surprised to see the West Virginia State Legislature dive “down the rabbit hole” during the 2014 Session, which was twice extended, and then immediately followed by an extraordinary special session. As the Governor continued to ponder a veto of Pro-Life and 2nd amendment bills passed by the Legislature, the …

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Mar 12

Down the Rabbit Hole at the WV State House

It’s Wednesday morning, March 12th, and it looks as if that West Virginia state legislators may be held over here in a special session until Friday, maybe longer. Confusion stalks the Democrat majority, and there seems to be conflict between the Democrat leadership in the House of Delegates and the Senate, as the Budget continues …

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Mar 10

Sharon has a Clue

Dear Larry, I wish we had more people like you running for office. Hang in there, it must be a daunting task working in the legislative arena. It amazes and scares me that many of our leaders are so clueless. Take care. Sharon Martin P.S.: I like the way you think.

Mar 07

Catch the Vision

Dear Larry, For some reason, the quote “To thine own self be true, thou canst not then be false to any man” came to me just now when I thought of you. I just encourage you to continue on in your own unique way. You most certainly are not the “Cookie Cutter” politician that we’ve …

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