Apr 27

Kump – On Values & Issues

 Larry D. Kump at the West Virginia Legislature Excerpts from a Thursday, April 21st, 2016 news story in “The Journal” daily newspaper: INWOOD-Two Republican candidates competing for the 15th Senatorial District seat discussed issues such as the state’s lack of a budget, economic development in West Virginia and the substance abuse epidemic during a forum held …

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Apr 26

Larry D. Kump & his Super Hero Friends

Do you also seek more integrity, transparency, and accountability in our elected officials? If so, then vote for and send your contributions, whether modest or magnanimous, to: Friends of Larry D. Kump PO Box 1131… Falling Waters, West Virginia 25419-1131 (Contributions from West Virginia public employees are prohibited by law)   Please share this message …

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Apr 15

Kump vies for Senate

 Excerpted from a news story in the Friday, April 15th, 2016 edition of the “Herald Mail” daily newspaper: Larry D. Kump   Name: Larry D. Kump Address: Falling Waters, W.Va. Education: Received bachelor’s degree in political science and social science in 1970 from Frostburg (Md.) State University; received an associate degree in criminal justice in 1990 from Hagerstown …

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Mar 14

Kump seeks Senate & Convention Election

                        In above photo: Larry D. Kump discusses issues with a concerned citizen Falling Waters, West Virginia – Former West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump (2011-2014, Berkeley-Morgan Counties) announced, “After a strong and steady stream of personal pleadings urged me to return to public office in 2016, and after prolonged pondering and personal prayer, I have  …

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Dec 03

Larry’s Bio

Larry D. Kump is a man of modest means, personal integrity, independence, and insight. He is a fighter for our individual liberty, personal accountability, and personal empowerment; as well as for rock solid government fiscal discipline and safeguarding our family values. Moreover, the principles and practice of transparency and accountability in government also are near …

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Dec 02

A Voice of “Reason”

“Individualist in the Oddest Place” by John Dentinger (a free lance writer in Los Angeles) Condensed from “Reason” magazine, “Spotlight”, November 1986 When he recently took up genealogy, Larry D. Kump was thrilled to find that he is a kinsman of Patrick Henry. The last place you’d expect to find Henry’s literal or spiritual descendent …

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Dec 01

Kump endorses Mooney

Falling Waters, West Virginia – After being asked to do so by the National TEA Party Express, Larry D. Kump vigorously confirmed his endorsement of the re-election of West Virginia 2nd District Congressman Alex X. Mooney. Acknowledging that a public endorsement of any other political candidate is something that he usually takes pains to avoid, …

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Jun 30

Horton Hears Mark Twain

“To get the full value of a joy, you must have somebody to divide it with.” -Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) (I was reading “Horton Hears a Who”, by Dr. Seuss, to pre-school children, at the North Berkeley County Library in Spring Mills, West Virginia.)

Mar 01

Bearing Up @ Hedgesville, West Virginia Library

At the Hedgesville, WV Library


At the EPBA Meeting

EPBA Photo

At the Eastern Panhandle Business Association (EPBA) Meeting  

Jun 04

New Town Councilor

Christopher Stewart (left), newly appointed to fill a vacancy in the Hedgesvile Town Council, is administered the Oath of Office by West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump (right), District #59 (Berkeley-Morgan counties)

Feb 11

Working Together (with a Puppy) to Stay Independent

“Facing a declared Primary election opponent, I nevertheless have been persuaded to be a candidate for re-election as a Delegate in the West Virginia Legislature in 2014. This decision was made because of my firm conviction and personal passion to continue to be an independent voice on behalf of our personal liberties and responsibilities. Especially …

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Feb 10

A Straight Shooter

Larry  D. Kump is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and, as a former legislator, has sponsored the West Virginia Firearms Freedom Act, supports Constitutional Carry (means the 2nd Amendment is our carry permit) and will always fight to preserve our right to keep and bear arms.

Feb 09

Summer in the State House

Apr 29

My Mom (Betty Kump) Rocks the Early Voting!

    More than 800 vote early in Eastern Panhandle by Matthew Umstead, A news story in the Thursday, April 28th edition of “The Journal”  daily newspaper MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — More than 800 Eastern Panhandle residents cast their ballots Wednesday for the May 10 primary election on the first of 10 days of early voting, …

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Apr 28

Larry D. Kump – a Face made for Radio?

Larry D. Kump, speaking on legislation at the State House Larry D. Kump, candidate for West Virginia State Senate and also to represent West Virginia at the Republican 2016 National Convention, will be featured as a WEPM radio talk show as a guest on “Panhandle Live!” (1340 AM and also www.wepm.com @ “On Air” icon) at 8:30 AM, …

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Apr 27

Kump Votes First (and more than once?)

As the first 2016 Primary election voter in the Berkeley County, it pleased me to be able to vote both first (and even) twice for myself in Berkeley County on Wednesday! (I voted for me to serve in the West Virginia State Senate, and also to serve as a representative of West Virginia to the …

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Apr 18

The “Widow’s Mite”

When I previously ran for elected office, a supporter wanted to contribute to my campaign, but also profusely apologized for her personal poverty. Even so, she mailed me a campaign contribution in the amount of a personal check for two dollars. That was and always will remain a very big deal for me. So, how …

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Apr 16

Voting for Squirrels is Nuts!

A message about “Squirrels”, from Greg Dash:     I’ve been Larry’s friend and neighbor for over twenty years now. He’s a man of both integrity and faith! Larry would tell you, if you asked, that he isn’t about self pride or a fat wallet – only just to make a difference. If you are sick and tired …

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Apr 16

A “Waffle House” News Flash!

Do you also enjoy “Bert’s Chili”, but are disappointed that the Waffle House doesn’t serve sour cream as a condiment? If so, ask for the ranch dressing, and add it to your chili. You’re welcome!

Apr 10

What would Davy Do?

When I just was a young sprat, the Walt Disney television show about the life of Davy Crockett, the hero of the Alamo, was the favorite of me and my pals. We all even persistently pestered our parents until they allowed all us to get and proudly wear coonskin hats. Much later in my life, …

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Apr 02

Genesis: West Virginia

God was nowhere to be seen for six days. Finally, Michael, the Archangel, found Him resting on the seventh day. Michael asked God, “Where have you been?”. God smiled with deep satisfaction, and pointed downward through the clouds, saying, “Michael, look what I created!”. Puzzled, Michael asked, “What is it?”. “It’s a planet”, replied God, …

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Mar 30

A Cool Cat & Kump!

Capture kUMP

Thumbs up for Larry D. Kump! After a bracing breakfast of green eggs and ham, this cool cat and Larry D. Kump discussed the need for more integrity, transparency, and accountability in our elected officials. How about you? Do you want more integrity, transparency, and accountability in our elected officials? If so, then support the …

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