Mar 31

News Update: Kump Exploring Elected Offices

Falling Waters, West Virginia – Former West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump (2011-2014, Berkeley-Morgan Counties) announced, “After receiving a steady stream of personal petitions for me to return to public office in 2016, and after prolonged personal pondering and prayer, I have agreed to further explore that possibility. To that end, I have filed a …

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Mar 01

Bearing Up @ Hedgesville, West Virginia Library

At the Hedgesville, WV Library

Dec 05

Davy Crockett & the Sockdolager

When I just was a young sprat, the Walt Disney television show about the life of Davy Crockett, the hero of the Alamo, was the favorite of me and my pals. We all even persistently pestered our parents until they allowed all us to get and proudly wear coonskin hats. Much later in my life, …

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Nov 12

Buying Green Bananas

What’s It Like to Lose an Election to a 17-Year-Old Girl? by Tim Cavanaugh “National Review” magazine November 5, 2014 For West Virginia Delegate Larry D. Kump, the 2014 midterm election brought an additional sting beyond the pain that normally comes with being a man of a certain age. The libertarian-leaning Republican had to watch …

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In Pursuit of Liberty & Alex Mooney

 Kearneysville, WV: Delegate Larry D. Kump delivered a $1000.00 contribution from the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) PAC to 2nd Congressional District Candidate Alex X. Mooney. The RLC officially endorsed Mooney in April.

“Having known Alex X. Mooney for many years, it was both a pleasure and a privilege when the West Virginia Republican Liberty Caucus asked me to present a campaign contribution to him,” said Delegate Larry D. Kump.

“The West Virginia Republican Liberty Caucus enthusiastically endorses the election of Alex Mooney as West Virginia’s next Congressman. “We also endorse and applaud Alex’s principled commitment to individual liberty, personal accountability, and personal empowerment for all Mountaineers,” Kump stated.

The Republican Liberty Caucus is a 527 voluntary grassroots membership organization dedicated to working within the Republican Party to advance the principles of individual rights, limited government and free markets. Founded in 1991, it is the oldest continuously-operating organization within the Liberty Republican movement. Further information and membership to the Caucus may be obtained by visiting .

​ Stephanie E. Butcher RLC-WV




At the EPBA Meeting

EPBA Photo

At the Eastern Panhandle Business Association (EPBA) Meeting  

Aug 11

First Voter

Delegate Larry D. Kump, District #59 (Berkeley-Morgan Counties) was the first Berkeley County voter.

Apr 26

The League of Liberty (& Life)

  “Heroes for Hire”, a Christian group who works with children, were proud to pose with Delegate Larry D. Kump! The West Virginians for Life Political Action Committee (WVL PAC) has endorsed Delegate Larry D. Kump for the 2014 Primary Election to the West Virginia House of Delegates. Dr. Wanda Franz, President of West Virginians for …

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Feb 11

Working Together (with a Puppy) to Stay Independent

“Facing a declared Primary election opponent, I nevertheless have been persuaded to be a candidate for re-election as a Delegate in the West Virginia Legislature in 2014. This decision was made because of my firm conviction and personal passion to continue to be an independent voice on behalf of our personal liberties and responsibilities. Especially …

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Feb 10

A Straight Shooter

State Delegate Larry  D. Kump is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and has sponsored the West Virginia Firearms Freedom Act, supports Constitutional Carry (means the 2nd Amendment is your carry permit) and will always fight to preserve your right to keep and bear arms.

Feb 09

Summer in the State House

Jan 31

The Voice of “Reason”

“Individualist in the Oddest Place” by John Dentinger (a free lance writer in Los Angeles) Condensed from “Reason” magazine, “Spotlight”, November 1986 When he recently took up genealogy, Larry D. Kump was thrilled to find that he is a kinsman of Patrick Henry. The last place you’d expect to find Henry’s literal or spiritual descendent …

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Apr 17


An open letter to Lala Mooney, mother of West Virginia Congressman Alex Mooney: Lala, It previously was my sincere belief that I had a reasonable conception of the ongoing and draconian conditions of privation and misery that are being endured by the people of Cuba, under the Castro regime. However, your recent remarks at the …

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Feb 24

Hollywood’s Oscars & the Grouch

The puzzling political pandering at the recent Academy Awards burlesque really wasn’t much of a surprise for me, even though the Tinsel Town Tinhorns did trigger my gag reflex. Their staged shenanigans simply were a sad scenario of those who do “make-believe” for a living, preaching their personal political perspectives. However, upon returning to the …

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Feb 13

How Do You Like Them Apples?

As shared yesterday morning with the Berkeley County Council, our area long has been well known for productive orchards. In more recent years, Berkeley County also has become the apple of West Virginia’s eye for our energetic economic environment. With the recent announcement of the start up of a new Proctor & Gamble manufacturing plant …

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Feb 07

Who’s on First?

Mountaineers are rightly and woefully weary of gratuitous government,steadily sniping away at our personal prerogatives and privacy. That’s why West Virginia Delegate Jill Upson is right on target with her sponsorship of HB 2610. This legislation would make applications, permits, and renewal applications for carrying a concealed weapon not subject to public disclosure. Jill’s proposal …

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Jan 29

Another Marvelous Work & a Wonder

It’s been yet another marvelous work and a wonder for me to count my many blessings and then prayerfully express my profound gratitude to God for both the blessings of freedom and faith. In addition to myriad other adventures, my most recent reflections have included the memory of being both unemployed and homeless when I …

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Jan 28

A “Most Excellent” Beginning

What a marvelous work & a wonder it has been for me has been to watch the thoughtful and effective way the 2015 West Virginia Legislature is carefully moving steadily forward with real reform of our state government. That’s a huge deal!

Jan 22

Shadows behind Closed Doors – The Closet Caucus

Alert! Please also note the postscript at the end of this entry. Consider the difference in public transparency, accessibility and accountability between the West Virginia State Senate and the West Virginia House of Delegates. The West Virginia State Senate has a closet and unofficial “Junior Rules Committee”, wherein all the myriad senators huddle in a …

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Jan 16

While I was Sleeping

After a long drive to the West Virginia State Capitol yesterday and a series of meetings here, I was sound asleep as soon as I crawled into bed last night. However, a loud pounding on the door soon awakened me. At the door was a drunken stranger, standing in the cold night air and asking …

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Jan 10

Passing Gas?

From “The Journal” newspaper by Mike Holz According to a January 2 article in the Wheeling Intelligencer, Republican legislators are discussing resurrecting failed legislation that would force West Virginia property owners to bow to the interests of corporate entities under a concept known as “Forced Pooling.” Forced pooling, in essence, means forcing uncooperative landowners to …

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Jan 05

Rights Wrangle Redux

Thanks Pat! By copy of this email, I am sharing this newspaper article (see below) with others, asking them to also go and do likewise. Larry . —–Original Message—– From: Pat McGeehan Sent: Jan 2, 2015 12:16 PM To: “Larry D. Kump” WHEELING – Lawmakers may resurrect the debate over forced pooling in West Virginia …

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